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Outpatient Mental and Behavioral health services


Kingdom Expressions provides a full range of mental and behavioral health services, including medication management, psychotherapy, and psychoeducation for individuals living in Georgia and Louisiana. We offer full-service, outpatient treatment for individuals aged five and up facing depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Our experienced, compassionate clinical staff helps our patients find the treatment options that will work best for their unique situations.


  • The diagnostic assessment determines which of our programs best meets the patient’s needs. Then, following admission, our team develops a personalized treatment plan.

  • Be seen by one of our in-house or in-network Psychiatrists and a certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner for a consultation and ongoing medication management.

  • Receive Psychotherapy consultation sessions with one of our many licensed therapists or licensed counselors in a therapeutic environment where patients feel supported by peers who share their desire to regain stability and find peace of mind.

  • Kingdom Expressions focuses on symptom stabilization, stress reduction, wellness, and improved day-to-day function for our clients.

  • A discharge plan to support the recovery process is developed.

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