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Community psychiatric support and treatment


What is Community Psychiatric Supports + Treatment?
At Kingdom Expressions, our Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment (CPST) program is goal-directed supports and solution-focused interventions to achieve identified goals or objectives outlined in the individual’s recovery plan. CPST addresses specific individual needs with evidence-based and evidence-informed psychotherapeutic practices explicitly designed to meet those needs. CPST is provided face-to-face with the patient present; however, family or other persons significant to the patient may also be involved.

CPST may include the following components

  • Assist the individual in identifying strategies or treatment options associated with the individual’s mental illness and/or substance use disorder, to minimize the adverse effects of symptoms, emotional disturbances, or associated environmental stressors which interfere with the individual’s daily living, financial management, housing, academic and/or employment progress, personal recovery or resilience, family and/or interpersonal relationships, and community integration;

  • Provide individual supportive counseling, solution-focused interventions, emotional and behavioral management support, and behavioral analysis to develop and implement social, interpersonal, self-care, daily living, and independent living skills to restore stability, support functional gains, and adapt to community living;

  • Facilitate participation in and utilization of strengths-based planning and treatments, including identifying strengths and needs, resources, natural supports, and developing goals and objectives.

  • Assist the individual with effectively responding to or avoiding triggers, identifying crisis situation, and developing a crisis management plan.

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