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Individual & Group Counseling

Children & Youth Counseling

Children deserve access to quality care. Counseling at Kingdom Expressions allows your child to learn and practice new skills to help manage obstacles in life and help your child communicate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions helpfully. We provide services in the office for children ages five and up.

Kingdom Expressions is a multi-disciplinary counseling center. Every therapist who works here practices different specialties o meet the unique needs of the people in our community. Each therapist tailors their approach to meet you where you are in the healing process.


Young Adult counseling

Your teenager is progressing to become an adult, and it can often feel confusing, especially when your experiences were different growing up. Becoming a young adult means your teenager is one step closer to being an adult. As adults, they will take on additional responsibilities such as paying bills, making their own decisions, finding the right relationships, and making a name for themself. These added responsibilities will bring on new stressors that will require understanding and additional assistance to help them cope.

When your young adult comes to Kingdom Expressions, we strive to help them transition into adulthood.

  • Discover their power, so they will feel confident and comfortable making big decisions.

  • Get in touch with the things they value in life to start to feel like they are on the right path.

  • Conduct soul-searching to find meaning in their lives and pursue the important things to them.

  • They will process any painful memories from their childhood and move forward in a happy and healthy place.

  • Develop the skills to cultivate a fulfilling social life and incorporate meaningful full relationships into their adult life to find where they belong.

Adult counseling

Adult counseling offers a safe space to explore things that may not be working well. It is a healthy and self-caring way to work on yourself and learn better ways to handle your thoughts, feelings, relationships, home, and work-life. Together we can look at barriers keeping you from creating the change you are seeking and find the best way to implement those changes. We can also help you manage the symptoms that are creating distress in your life, whether it be depression, anxiety, trauma, or relationship issues, to name a few. Instead of being stuck in this place, you can learn to care for yourself and concentrate on the things in life you find valuable.


group counseling

Group therapy is a type of psychological therapy that is conducted with a group of people who are facing similar issues, like anxiety, addiction, family problems, or depression. During group therapy, we help the individual know that they are not alone and there are other people who have similar problems. Being in group therapy has the following benefits:

  • Develop new skills to relate to others.

  • Help you with relationships outside the group.

  • Support others who have the same or similar problem.

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